24 Jul

I have been traveling. I was busy nearly every minute so I took very few pictures. I went to Atlanta for a few days then home for one whole day. Then, it was off to San Francisco for two days. I am tired. I am catching up.


Andy’s Birthday

13 Jul

On Sunday, my favorite person in the whole world turned 28. On Saturday, Timmy D., Manda, Carlos, Brian, James, Timmy C., Andy W., and I celebrated Andy and his birthday with a small party in my parents’ back yard featuring a fire, disc, and the Leonard Maltin Game. I really did take several pictures of the birthday boy but in almost all of them, he’s either blurry or his face is obstructed by a tree or a disc or cropped out by my unfortunate composition attempts. I’m a terrible girlfriend. My cute boyfriend is the one on the right in the last picture, a bit out of focus. In focus, however, is a very hungry Carlos.

Happy birthday, cutie. I love you with all my heart. 28 looks good on you.


29 Jun

I have been missin’ you, internet. I’ve been away dealing with real life things but now that I’m back, I’d like to show you the most exciting things I’ve been spending money on.

1.) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer in Eden – This stuff is pretty good. It does a great job of mattifying but doesn’t completely prevent creasing.

2.) Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Underground – The art on the packaging for this eyeshadow is completely hideous. The color is really nice and neutral with a little no-glitter shimmer.

3.) Swatch in Green Trace – I’ve been searching for a watch for ages. This little Swatch is proportionally correct for my tiny wrists but the extra long strap reduces the overall daintiness. It’s available in several really nice colors but I was instantly drawn to this vomitty green.

4.) Sephora by OPI in Already Famous – I decided that at 25, I’m mentally ready for sparkly nail polish. This polish dries more gold than pewter and is discreetly fancy.

5.) Living the Dream Skirt – This is my new favorite skirt.

6.) Crown Vintage Krissy Jo Sandal in Cognac – Finally. My search for the right wooden soled sandal is over. These are the perfect height and color and are very comfortable. I ordered these from this post but the fit was off and I’m fine with that because Krissy Jo and I are very happy together.

Father’s Day

19 Jun

This handsome guy is my dad. His name is Joe and he can do anything. He can build anything and fix anything. You can ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same.

My dad has worked every day of his life and has earned everything he has ever had. He doesn’t sleep in, not even on weekends. He likes Pixar movies and the SyFy channel. He is half Korean and has seven brothers and sisters. He doesn’t care to speak if he has nothing to say; I am the same way. He will wear whatever my mother buys for him. He is patient and he has a temper. He will put jalapenos on anything.

I did not always understand my dad and throughout my teens, I thought I hated him. I regret those years. I know my dad now, I didn’t then, and I can honestly say I adore him. He is kind and he is proud of his children. I would not call my father an affectionate man, at least not in the way you see fathers behave in movies; his love is a quieter sort and feels infinitely more valuable.

I hope your Father’s Day was awesome, Dad. I hope you relaxed, even for just a few minutes. Thanks for being exactly who you are. And hey, Dad, I love you.


18 Jun

Poor blog, I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you. The thing is, I’ve been spending all my time with Sam-soon. If you haven’t heard of it, My Lovely Sam-Soon (or My Name is Sam-Soon) is an extremely popular Korean drama circa 2005. And it’s amazing. I cannot thank Chris and Emily enough both for introducing me to this show and for their patience while I blow up their Facebook walls with Sam-soon specific enthusiasm.

Basically, our girl Kim Sam-soon is 29, Korean chubby, clumsy, and unlucky in love. All girlfriend really needs is a good bra and some decent footwear. Love is won and lost, there’s a lot of dramatic wrist grabbing, and many people are beaten with purses. Not to mention one WILD family karaoke scene. And I’ll never get over Sam-soon hiking up a mountain in wind and rain, yelling to herself the whole time.

You may not know that I am 1/4 Korean, but it’s true. My grandmother was a tiny Korean woman with blunt manners (“Aah you look good, not so FAT”) and a healthy temper. Watching all 16 hours of this show really made me miss her.

I’ll end by pointing out what a dream boat Sam-soon’s piece Hyun Jin-heon is. Oh, Heonny.

Images above were found here and are property of MBC.


11 Jun

Are you using Instagram? I am. I resisted it for a while because it bugged me. Mostly, I was upset because I saw some bloggers using only Instagram images for their blogs and I thought that was kinda cheap, y’know? Now though, I’ve decided I’m into it. It’s fast and cute and makes me stop and notice the stuff around me.

Take a look at what I’ve posted here or find me on Instagram as thesweetbeast.

This Weekend I…

5 Jun

Proudly wore this necklace,

Applied lotion to my leather shoes and bags (Left shoe before lotion, right shoe after),

Edited and organized my shoe collection (this is pretty much what’s left besides boots),

Went to Bernie’s house and looked at some lamps,

Ogled at my favorite parts of Bernie’s house,

Considered furniture for the house,

Ate brunch at the co-op,

Spent some time at home,

Painted my nails my favorite color combination yet,

And then came down with a serious case of being a crab-ass. So I made Andy go with me to get vegan ice cream. And when there was no parking at the vegan ice cream place, he bought me raspberry sorbet at Trader Joe’s instead because he is very handsome and patient and handsome.

I’ll be ending my weekend watching either Waitress or Bright Star, I haven’t decided yet. Andy will be ending his weekend hiding from me and watching Lost, picturing me as the smoke monster.