This Weekend I…

5 Jun

Proudly wore this necklace,

Applied lotion to my leather shoes and bags (Left shoe before lotion, right shoe after),

Edited and organized my shoe collection (this is pretty much what’s left besides boots),

Went to Bernie’s house and looked at some lamps,

Ogled at my favorite parts of Bernie’s house,

Considered furniture for the house,

Ate brunch at the co-op,

Spent some time at home,

Painted my nails my favorite color combination yet,

And then came down with a serious case of being a crab-ass. So I made Andy go with me to get vegan ice cream. And when there was no parking at the vegan ice cream place, he bought me raspberry sorbet at Trader Joe’s instead because he is very handsome and patient and handsome.

I’ll be ending my weekend watching either Waitress or Bright Star, I haven’t decided yet. Andy will be ending his weekend hiding from me and watching Lost, picturing me as the smoke monster.


One Response to “This Weekend I…”

  1. Timmy D. June 7, 2011 at 11:49 am #

    Andy is a patient guy. Probably because he has to hang out with Andy all the time. I thought you were the smoke monster…

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