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18 Jun

Poor blog, I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you. The thing is, I’ve been spending all my time with Sam-soon. If you haven’t heard of it, My Lovely Sam-Soon (or My Name is Sam-Soon) is an extremely popular Korean drama circa 2005. And it’s amazing. I cannot thank Chris and Emily enough both for introducing me to this show and for their patience while I blow up their Facebook walls with Sam-soon specific enthusiasm.

Basically, our girl Kim Sam-soon is 29, Korean chubby, clumsy, and unlucky in love. All girlfriend really needs is a good bra and some decent footwear. Love is won and lost, there’s a lot of dramatic wrist grabbing, and many people are beaten with purses. Not to mention one WILD family karaoke scene. And I’ll never get over Sam-soon hiking up a mountain in wind and rain, yelling to herself the whole time.

You may not know that I am 1/4 Korean, but it’s true. My grandmother was a tiny Korean woman with blunt manners (“Aah you look good, not so FAT”) and a healthy temper. Watching all 16 hours of this show really made me miss her.

I’ll end by pointing out what a dream boat Sam-soon’s piece Hyun Jin-heon is. Oh, Heonny.

Images above were found here and are property of MBC.


Wardrobe and Inspiration

1 Mar

Wardrobe Inspiration
Wardrobe Inspiration
[Images: Totokaelo, ornithes, Orla Kiely, Totokaelo.]

I recently packed up 3/4 of my wardrobe to sell or donate. It felt great. I haven’t actually hauled much of it out of the apartment yet, but I haven’t gone digging back through any of it either. I realized I didn’t love the majority of the clothing I owned and that I had too much of it in general. For the last few years, I believed that I needed to have an extensive wardrobe, that I should be able to go weeks without ever wearing the same thing, and felt pressure to never repeat an outfit in its entirety.

This never suited me. I guess I already knew something wasn’t right but didn’t really get it until I read this post by Dead Fluerette in which she pretty much perfectly describes how I feel about my clothes. I have shoes that I’ve never worn and others that hurt my feet. I have dresses that make me feel awful and tops that never fit right. I’ve held on to things thinking they’d fit better someday, that my shape would change or my weight would go up or down enough to accommodate them.

This is contradictory to the rest of my life where I make careful decisions and wait patiently for exactly the right thing. The apartment has been without a coat rack or hooks of any kind in the entryway for a year and a half because I simply haven’t found anything that’s exactly right.

So I’m putting the money I get from selling the majority of my wardrobe toward beginning a new wardrobe. I’ve kept enough of my clothes to get by because a girl has to have something to wear to work. I’m going to go for quality over quantity and I’m only going to buy things that fit me perfectly. This is a chance for me to figure out exactly what my style is, something I’ve never been able to pin down. I’m going to be okay with having to save up to buy one article of clothing, because I’m going to know it’s the right one, and it’s going to make me feel great every time I wear it. Getting rid of everything was easy but rebuilding, or even taking the first step toward rebuilding, is going to be a huge challenge.

For shame

8 Feb


There should be some sort of punishment for abusing furniture in this manner. Or for using a sponge to apply paint to anything.

Jane Eyre

21 Jan

Jane Eyre PosterPhoto by LaurieSparham
Photo by Laurie Sparhamby[Images Copyright Focus Features, Photographs by Laurie Sparham]

It’s so reassuring to find that movie posters can still be beautiful. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë is one of my top ten favorite novels and I am so excited for this movie. It’s been done before but I have a feeling that this will be the best (Judi Dench, Judi Dench, Judi Dench!). Watch the trailer here. March cannot come fast enough. Who wants to see this with me? I’m accepting volunteers.


15 Jan

The Marriot Marquis in Atlanta is the biggest hotel I’ve ever been in. The view from any of the three lobbies is overwhelming, like standing in a giant whale’s belly, glass-walled elevators sailing up and down its spine and floor after floor jutting out like one million ribs. I was also upgraded to a suite for no additional moniez and feel even more like a tiny being inside a colossal beast.


Soul Vegetarian serves up veganable soul food; I got mac n’ cheese and a tofu sandwich. Marne was extremely disappointed by how little I was able to eat after proclaiming starvation and dragging her to dinner early. Sorry, Marnz.

A bonus opinion for you: Tomatoes are only good when they are sauce.

Hotel Tomo

11 Jan

I am traveling for work again and this week I am in San Francisco. Because I make carefully considered, sound decisions and don’t like change, Marne and I are staying at Hotel Tomo in Japantown. I’ve stayed here three or four times before and it’s probably my favorite hotel ever. The rates are super reasonable and it hits nearly all items on my hotel amenities wishlist. It’s a remodeled and seriously improved Best Western, featuring murals by Heisuke Kitazawa, simple design, and no frills to achieve a truly Japanese feel without looking like a kimono vomed all over it.

The last picture is from Marne’s room where Totoro (Bob) and Tarepanda have settled in nicely.