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24 Jul

I have been traveling. I was busy nearly every minute so I took very few pictures. I went to Atlanta for a few days then home for one whole day. Then, it was off to San Francisco for two days. I am tired. I am catching up.


Andy’s Birthday

13 Jul

On Sunday, my favorite person in the whole world turned 28. On Saturday, Timmy D., Manda, Carlos, Brian, James, Timmy C., Andy W., and I celebrated Andy and his birthday with a small party in my parents’ back yard featuring a fire, disc, and the Leonard Maltin Game. I really did take several pictures of the birthday boy but in almost all of them, he’s either blurry or his face is obstructed by a tree or a disc or cropped out by my unfortunate composition attempts. I’m a terrible girlfriend. My cute boyfriend is the one on the right in the last picture, a bit out of focus. In focus, however, is a very hungry Carlos.

Happy birthday, cutie. I love you with all my heart. 28 looks good on you.

Taco Thursday

26 May

I’m still here, guys. I’ve been laying low and catching up since getting back from New York last week. It’s been super hot here during the day but the evenings have been nice and cool between thunderstorms. Tonight I had the perfect little evening with some lovely ladies: Kristen, Marne, and Ashley. Kristen (the sweetest hostess ever) made some seriously amazing vegan tacos with tofu, veggie ground round, and roasted vegetables paired with chickpea salad, guacamole, and pink lemonade.

More nights like this one, please. I’ll even host sometime, I promise. Tempeh reubens, anyone?

Saturday in Pictures

9 May

I went outside this weekend. It was ok.

Dirty Things for Money

2 May

This post’s title SCANDALIZED you, didn’t it? I’m going to my first auction tomorrow and today I got to take a look at everything before the bidding starts. It’s an industrial auction which I imagine is one of the more boring kinds of auctions. There was just so much dusty, dirty, grungy stuff. I learned that auction lots are sometimes half a room of a million odds and ends from no parking signs to microwaves to nuts and bolts and you’re stuck with all of it if you want just one thing. And that there are bathrooms in this world that look like they were made for murder.

I have my eye on this industrial sewing machine. But shhhh, I hear these things are competitive. I’ll never figure out how to thread it but isn’t it amazing? I could be sewing so many industrial things.

UPDATE: The auction was a bust. It was complete madness and people were paying way above market for some of the ugliest stuff I’ve ever seen. The fact that people are still interested in and willing to pay $500 a piece for dated, ugly, filthy, and oppressive cubicles hurts my soul.

I met Rick Sebak

20 Apr

Rick Sebak Day!
Rick Sebak Day!
I will remember today forever as the day that I finally met Rick Sebak. If you’re not from Pittsburgh, you may not be familiar with Rick. He makes charming, smart documentaries about Pittsburgh; his love for this city shines through in every single thing he does. Most of what I know about this town I learned from him. He is an absolute treasure and is every bit as genuine and nice as you imagine him. I love you, Rick!

Did I ever tell you about the time I cried in front of my TV while watching Rick Sebak eat a corn dog at Kennywood?

I travel, I eat

6 Apr

Traveling is ok. I don’t love it, but I miss it when it’s not around. Mostly what I miss is the food. I should probably be embarrassed to admit it, but when I am certain I’ll be traveling, I start adding up total dinners and lunches and making mental lists of restaurants I have missed and must visit again immediately. I’m the type of person who orders the same thing at the same restaurants every single time in every city I visit. I am not above eating alone in public though I am also not above throwing a fit over it.
I’m in San Francisco right now and tomorrow evening I leave for Los Angeles. I absolutely must have my very favorite tempeh reuben when I’m there or I’ll ruin someone’s day.