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29 Jun

I have been missin’ you, internet. I’ve been away dealing with real life things but now that I’m back, I’d like to show you the most exciting things I’ve been spending money on.

1.) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer in Eden – This stuff is pretty good. It does a great job of mattifying but doesn’t completely prevent creasing.

2.) Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Underground – The art on the packaging for this eyeshadow is completely hideous. The color is really nice and neutral with a little no-glitter shimmer.

3.) Swatch in Green Trace – I’ve been searching for a watch for ages. This little Swatch is proportionally correct for my tiny wrists but the extra long strap reduces the overall daintiness. It’s available in several really nice colors but I was instantly drawn to this vomitty green.

4.) Sephora by OPI in Already Famous – I decided that at 25, I’m mentally ready for sparkly nail polish. This polish dries more gold than pewter and is discreetly fancy.

5.) Living the Dream Skirt – This is my new favorite skirt.

6.) Crown Vintage Krissy Jo Sandal in Cognac – Finally. My search for the right wooden soled sandal is over. These are the perfect height and color and are very comfortable. I ordered these from this post but the fit was off and I’m fine with that because Krissy Jo and I are very happy together.


These, Please: Summer Uniform

21 May

I want my whole summer to look like me wearing these things. “Too dark,” you say? “What are you, depressed?” you ask? Not possible and no. Wearing bright colors makes me uncomfortable.

Consider this a shopping list:
1. High Riser Jeans from Madewell
2. Aunt Bettie Boat Shoe from Madewell
3. Heather Platform Sandal from Nordstrom
4. Primer Time Tank from ModCloth
5. Olympia Flats from Zappos
6. Style Acumen Shoulder Bag from ModCloth
7. Style Takes Shape Shoulder Bag from ModCloth

ICFF 2011

16 May

[Right: A piece from Lladró Atelier‘s Metropolis.]

I am in New York until Tuesday this week attending ICFF and NSS. Both happen but once a year and this is my second year attending both. The shows happen at the same time on different floors of the Javits Center and attract rather different crowds. Allow me to generalize and stereotype for you: the ICFFers are the typical designy types, dressed in solid neutrals with carefully selected eyewear while the NSSers are dressed in bright colors and patterns, rolling little suitcases behind them while being distinctly middle aged. I have equal affection for both.

This year’s ICFF was less exciting than last year’s and although everything was certainly well designed, I didn’t really see anything especially innovative. I did, of course, see some things I liked (and would love to have in my apartment!) though not all of it was new for this year’s show.

[Wallpaper designs by Aimée Wilder.]

[Modo Chandelier by Roll & Hill.]

[Left: Bluff City Pendants from Roll & Hill. Right: Chairs from O&G Studio.]

[Baskets by Cordua Kehrelr for Areaware.]

[Volkswagen Concept Car: Bulli.]

West Elm Summer ’11

24 Mar

WestElmSummer11[Images: West Elm]

West Elm’s summer 2011 collection is here! Much of it is too beach-themed for my taste (fish gross me out) but there are several pieces I love. The owl measuring cups are as classy as they are cute and the cube lamp with a red cord is simply beautiful. Check out the images above and corresponding links below for my other favorites.

[1. Trapezoid Geo wall art by Lourdes Sánchez, 2. Wire Cube Lamp, 3. Pleated Ruffle Pillow Cover, 4. Owl Measuring Cups, 5. Glass with Cork Lid, 6. Striped Baskets, 7. Organic Lily Pad Duvet, 8. Blocked Tulip Duvet, 9. Stria Storage Collection.]

CB2 First Look

4 Jan

It’s better than Christmas morning. CB2 launched their Spring 2011 collection and there are so many wonderful things. Lots and lots of throw pillows emphasizing texture, graphics, and color. And seriously, did you see that bed? Upholstered in charcoal felt with hairpin legs. So nice.

[Clockwise from left: Telephone Coat Rack – $90, Dead End Rug – $299, Spoke Bed – $999, Felt File Box – $60, Felt Storage Box – $16, Mr. Sun Pillow – $40, Surge Pillow – $45, Shred Blue Pillow – $45, Jaime Pearl Pillow – $25, Halina Pillow – $35]