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The House Project

2 Apr

I’ve vaguely mentioned the “big project” I’m working on a few times here and if you’ve missed me this week, you can blame the house. I can’t get into the details, but in a nutshell, I’m decorating and overseeing the renovation of a 106 year old house. After months of work, it’s starting to look like something. This is a sneak peek of the project in pictures from this week.



West Elm Summer ’11

24 Mar

WestElmSummer11[Images: West Elm]

West Elm’s summer 2011 collection is here! Much of it is too beach-themed for my taste (fish gross me out) but there are several pieces I love. The owl measuring cups are as classy as they are cute and the cube lamp with a red cord is simply beautiful. Check out the images above and corresponding links below for my other favorites.

[1. Trapezoid Geo wall art by Lourdes Sánchez, 2. Wire Cube Lamp, 3. Pleated Ruffle Pillow Cover, 4. Owl Measuring Cups, 5. Glass with Cork Lid, 6. Striped Baskets, 7. Organic Lily Pad Duvet, 8. Blocked Tulip Duvet, 9. Stria Storage Collection.]


12 Feb

I’ve been hesitant to share pictures of my apartment because I’m embarrassed of the walls. They’re the color of masking tape. Shiny shiny masking tape. However, we’re renewing our lease and are finally going to paint and I figured I should have some before pictures. I really should have ironed that dishtowel.

I bought a pendant lamp this week for $12 because I’m a terrible haggler. I need to rewire it but otherwise it’s in pretty good shape. I took it apart, cleaned all the metal bits, and teak oiled the wood hoops. This is the before picture. I hope you could tell. Bonus: The lady at the antique mall told me that this fixture was borrowed to be used in a new J.J. Abrams movie. That means I’m famous.

Also new to me this week is this expandable bench. It definitely needs a lot of work, the middle legs are a bit shaky and orange just isn’t my color, but I figured it was worth a try for about $15. I removed a million staples to see if there was an original upholstery layer hiding under all that orange. The last thing I expected to find was another layer of the exact same orange vinyl. It’s 10x cleaner and 10x more orange. My guess is whoever made this little beast carefully upholstered the seats in his or her favorite vinyl, put everything together, sat down, and realized there just wasn’t enough cushion. There’s an extra layer of foam stapled to the original vinyl so I can’t salvage the fabric, but at least now I know. I don’t like secrets between me and my furniture.

Furnish Green

3 Feb

The ice storm canceled our Toronto plans but gave us the chance to stay in the city a little longer. We were able to catch up with our friend, Pittsburgh native and recent New York transplant, Tim. I was excited to learn that his new job involves furniture, and even better, old furniture. He works for Furnish Green, a small company focused on rescuing and reusing used furniture. The showroom and office are located on Broadway, not far from Herald Square, with its sister company dance studios on the same floor.

Everyone is really friendly and the space is so cozy, they were even baking cookies so the whole floor smelled amazing. Working at a place like this is one of a series of dream jobs I have filed away in my head. The Danish storage unit pictured above is on my list of dream furniture pieces and if I could have found a way to bring it home with me, it would be mine. It’s in amazing shape and I’m pretty sure I’ll have dreams about it.

The Modern Windsor

6 Jan

The modern Windsor chair trend caught my eye a few months ago when I first saw Colonel‘s blue spindle chair. I loved it the first time I set eyes on it and those matte tonal blue spindles are still my favorite. Suddenly, Windsors refreshed with clean lines and minimal frills are everywhere. The Nakashima Straight-Backed Chair‘s walnut and hickory create the perfect mix for a timeless everyday chair. Room & Board’s Soren Chair and West Elm’s Modern Windsor Accent Chair are shorter, curvier versions of the classic. The Soren is heavy with mid-century Danish influence while the West Elm Windsor is wide set, fitted with a cushion, and cozy enough to curl up in. This is a classic turned trend available in finishes that will suit just about anyone.