ICFF 2011

16 May

[Right: A piece from Lladró Atelier‘s Metropolis.]

I am in New York until Tuesday this week attending ICFF and NSS. Both happen but once a year and this is my second year attending both. The shows happen at the same time on different floors of the Javits Center and attract rather different crowds. Allow me to generalize and stereotype for you: the ICFFers are the typical designy types, dressed in solid neutrals with carefully selected eyewear while the NSSers are dressed in bright colors and patterns, rolling little suitcases behind them while being distinctly middle aged. I have equal affection for both.

This year’s ICFF was less exciting than last year’s and although everything was certainly well designed, I didn’t really see anything especially innovative. I did, of course, see some things I liked (and would love to have in my apartment!) though not all of it was new for this year’s show.

[Wallpaper designs by Aimée Wilder.]

[Modo Chandelier by Roll & Hill.]

[Left: Bluff City Pendants from Roll & Hill. Right: Chairs from O&G Studio.]

[Baskets by Cordua Kehrelr for Areaware.]

[Volkswagen Concept Car: Bulli.]


2 Responses to “ICFF 2011”

  1. Jonathan Glatt May 17, 2011 at 12:00 am #

    Hi Emily,

    Thank you for including O&G in such good company in your ICFF roundup. To see the O&G line please go to oandgstudio.com. The link posted has us confused with the Italian Firm O&G, we are Ossana & Glatt right here in little Rhode Island, USA

    • thesweetbeast May 17, 2011 at 8:37 am #

      Hi Jonathan,

      SO sorry about that! It’s fixed now. That’s what I get for not taking a card and Googling while exhausted!


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