8 Mar

I had a really great, really productive weekend. I accomplished almost everything I wanted, which is rare, but of course have already started a new list for next weekend. Here are some of the things I did or bought; please be warned that I may talk at length about my face.

Chris and I went furniture shopping at Mostly Mod in homestead (an absolute favorite of mine) and then at the owner’s house for a private little viewing of his own furniture and lots that he’s planning to sell. He and his partner have an amazing old house they’re currently renovating – it’s a huge project but it’ll be beautiful in the end. I didn’t bring home any furniture but I did get two lamps:  the cutest little blue task lamp and a snazzy ceramic number with a gold foil lined shade. There’s a small rewiring project involved but I’m not scared.

I reorganized my craft supplies and cleared up some clutter so I could actually use my sewing machine. A lot of this involved putting away recent supply purchases and getting rid of projects I’ll never finish. Old metal zippers come in the best colors and are just so much sturdier and classier than the polyester contraptions they’re peddling these days. I have a small collection sourced from thrift stores and my favorite surplus craft and hardware store. My fabric drawer got a little fuller too, as I am also fond of collecting 1/4 to 1/2 yard pieces of cute fabric with no set plans for use.

I also gave Sephora more of my money. I introduced myself to a sales lady using a typical Emily overshare, “Hi, I have sensitive, combination dry skin and Rosacea. I have dark circles under my eyes and my eyebrows are invisible. Please help.”  She led me to Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer and Foundation Primer and I’m liking both so far. During a recent six hour YouTube make up and hair tutorial session, I began to realize (hope?) that something could be done about my eyebrows. In case you have not studied my eyebrows as exhaustively as I have, they are very sparse and very light. I bought Anastasia’s Perfect Brow Pencil in Strawburn and Brow Fix and I think I’m pretty close to achieving the eyebrows I have longed for my entire life. Seriously, this is a big deal.

Weekend accomplishments with no pictures:

  • Andy and I finally bought a mattress!
  • One whole cushion cover sewn for my Selig chair! The poor thing has been cushionless for months. Still one more cushion to go and some structural repairs are in order – pictures when it’s finished!
  • Perfected my grocery list format, planned meals for the week, and purchased required groceries.
  • Bought a peg board and lamp cord set at Home Depot – a new and improved workspace is coming soon.

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