Soergel Orchards

30 Oct

In a sincere attempt to embrace fall, Marne and I braved the heat wave and journeyed north to Soergel Orchards. It’s kind of the most popular pumpkin, apple, and hayride venue in the Pittsburgh area. They don’t allow dogs and I consider that rude.

Turns out that by the weekend before Halloween, everyone has already been pumpkin shopping and all that’s left are a bunch of busted pumpkins. We brought home some pretty unsightly but extremely heavy pumpkins. When I say we I mostly mean Marne, as she treats me like the delicate lady I am and refuses to let me carry heavy things.

Watching apples become cider at a cider press is actually really boring, despite the attractive sign. Apples on apples on apples, jugs of cider (no demonstration necessary), caramel and candy apples, kettle corn, and apple butter are the best. Check out that apple, what a fatty.

No grumps allowed. No hayrides for this lady.


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